When is The Best Time to Book a Hotel in Priceline Express Deal

When is the best time to book a hotel with Priceline Express Deal? This is the perennial questions that have been asked by many travelers and deal seekers in the past years.

The fact that all Express Deals are final sale without refund and change possibilities make it hard to decide when to book. Book too early, you run the risk of being tied into a higher price. Book too late, you may face the situation of less choice and higher price. Unfortunately there is no definite answer to this question, but there are some general principles and tips that you can follow to book at a proper time.

1. Location Location Location

Believe it or now, to know when is the best place to search and buy, you need to know where to search and buy first. This is not only just know the name of the city you want to go, you will want to know what kind of area the hotel is located in. In general, during weekdays, the hotels locating in business districts tend to charge much higher rate than the same hotels during weekends.

Here is Holiday Inn in New York city’s financial district (Wall Street Area).

Fourpoints nyc weekday

You see you are now paying $236 for a four-star hotel in the most expensive place in US by using the Express Deal. Not bad, right? Wait until you see the price from Weekends.

Fourpoints NYC Weekend

The same hotel room now cost 70$ less.

Now let’s go to a different area.

This three star hotels about two blocks from Radio City Music Hall costs 206$ on a weekend night

Mayfair NYC Weekend

But on weekday, you can get it as low as 164$ through Express Deal

Mayfair NYC Weekday

Considering a week long trip to New York, just staying in the right place at right time could save you hundreds of dollars compared to the wrong place.

So how does this impact your time to book? The suggestion will be to book early when you have to stay in a hot area at the high time (Wall Street in a work day). But wait until the last few weeks/days when you can stay in a less demanded area.

2. How’s the season?

This is about the timing of your travel. Is it consider low season or high season of the place? For example, visiting Orlando Florida in the winter, the high season is usually around holidays in the winter time when there is a school break. The relative low season is late January/early February.  Here are two prices for the same hotel from Express Deal.

Orlando Christmas Orlando Low Season

The suggestion here will be to book early when you have to stay in high season. But wait until the last few weeks/days when you plan to visit in a low season.

3. Are you flexible?

You can probably see all the options that you can pick and choose from the Express Deal search page. This works well when you have a specific needs in term of location, rating or the level of the hotel. But your choices are bound to get less when the time goes by and rooms run out. So if you are picky about where you stay and the hotel amenities, the advice here is to book early.

In my opinion, I will log on to hotelrevealer and search for hotels in the area when I am planning my vacation just to have a general idea of the availability and price range. If the availability is high and the prices indicate a high supply and a low demand, I would wait until the last few weeks to book the hotel. If the availability is low , I would log on and check the price a few more time in the next few weeks and book the hotel at least a month ahead of the actual travel date.

That’s all for today. Happy travelling.