Travel Safety 10 Tips

Top ten safety tips for travel

Although travel can be seen as relaxing and a break away from daily routines, it can be challenging, intimidating or even scary at times. There are criminals around the word who prey on travelers. Accident could happen because of reason you can’t control. No matter where you are , it is always safe to stay alert and I hope the following 10 tips can help you make a safe trip.

1. Know your destination.

Have a general understanding of the public safety guidance of the area you plan to visit and the place you plan to stay. Write down the local police/emergency number and nearest embassy and consulate number and keep it close to you. Do not just note down on cellphones as it is usually targeted by criminals.

2. Leave the valuables in the hotel safe.

If you have to carry it, put it somewhere close to yourself and safe. Separate cash and credit card and your IDs. Put ID and credit card somewhere difficult to retrieve and will never leave you. Separate cash into two portions, always have a backup source in case you lose one.

3. Be wary of the water.

When you are on the beach, please do not go beyond the safety point. If you are not familiar with the local current pattern, do not venture alone to the water.

4. Stay with the group.

If you are traveling with a group, stay together as much as possible. If you have to scatter, keep a 2-3 people small group together as solo travelers are always an easy prey. Always carry the address of the hotel accommodation, telephone in case you get lost.

5. Listen to your guide.

If traveling on a bus with tour guide, before off-boarding the bus, listen to the guide and remember the place, time to meet and also note down the license number and any description of the bus. In case you miss the bus, stay there and wait for the guide to return.

6. Eat healthy.

Stay away from raw meat or seafood, peeled fruit, can not patronize a roadside food stall without proper licenses. Do not eat too much and always drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables. Do not binge on alcohol.

7. Know your own health condition.

If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or prone to nausea. Do not participate in stimulating physical activities.Don’t forget to bring your daily medication.

8. Avoid solo adventure.

When visiting places that are dangerous in nature, such as steep cliff paths, slippery trails. Go in a group or stay near other tourist so that in case you get hurt, someone will be there to help, do not venture by yourself.

9. Learn the local culture.

Be careful with what you wear and try not to use hand gesture. In some culture, they have strict rules about dressing code , especially for women.  And your graphic T-shirt may contain word/pictures that are not tolerated by local culture. Hand gesture can have different meanings in different places, thumb-up could be an insult in some middle eastern countries.

10. Do not go out alone to an unfamiliar area in the night.

If you have to go out, let someone in your group or even the hotel front desk know where you are going, when you plan to be back and your contact information in case of emergency.

Remember the 10 tips and have a good trip.