IHG 2018 Award adjustment (Devaluation Mostly) coming

IHG Hotel’s new round of award adjustment again. Specific details refer to: official website link

A similar readjustment was made by the IHG in early 2017, with 650 hotels changing ratings, most of them hikes. It is clear that IHG has the intent to turn this into an annual adjustment, so in early 2018 it came again.

This time there are 691 hotels to adjust the level, 499 prices increases, 192 price cuts.

Of these, 437 were American-owned hotels, of which 211 needed 5000 more points per night, 138 were up 10,000 points, and only a meager 88 hotels dropped 5000 points.

The worst thing is that the hotel has the most expensive price increases from 60000 to 70000 a night. Basically all the most expensive hotels have changed to this level.

Now the new adjustment seems to have not been implemented, so anyone with travel plans can seize the last time to book their own itinerary.

My personal feeling is that IHG point should be earned and spent as soon as possible. The Accelerate program can be said to be the fast earning activities of all hotel frequent flyer programs. It is easy to accumulate by a few stay tens of thousands of points. But now using the points slowly is more and more difficult. Most of the hotels costs thirty to forty thousand points. The value of points seems to be getting closer and closer to the Hilton points.