Hilton Hhonor changes coming in 2018

Hilton Hhonor program will see another set of changes coming in April 2018

Here are the details for you to read through. But the following is a run down of all the highlights:

  1. No more points&Miles as an earning option
  2. Higher bonus for elite members: Silver – 20%, Gold – 80%, Platinum – 100%
  3. Earn 10K points every 10 nights after 40 nights of stay. Earn 30k points after 60 nights.
  4. Nights earns above the elite threshold can be rolled over to next year
  5. Stay over 60 nights , you can gift gold membership to someone else. 100 nights, you can gift platinum membership.

Overall, these changes seem to favor folks who are on the top of the membership structure and stays more nights. They now earns more points, gets more bonus points, can roll over additional nights and even gift additional night as a membership. It doesn’t make much difference for the silver and lower members.